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The Launiu Ward Village is a proposed condominium project (the “project”) to be located in Honolulu, Hawai‘i that does not yet exist. Ward Village is a proposed master planned development in Honolulu, Hawai‘i that is currently being developed, but is not yet complete. Visual depictions of Ward Village are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual amenities or facilities in Ward Village and should not be relied upon in deciding to purchase or lease an interest in the project. Further, any renderings, photos, drawings or other representations as to units or other elements of the project that are delivered or shown to prospective purchasers may not accurately portray such units and other elements, and do not constitute a representation by the developer. The developer makes no guarantee, representation or warranty whatsoever that the developments, facilities or improvements depicted will ultimately appear as shown. This is not intended to be an offering or solicitation of sale. Exclusive project broker Ward Village Properties,LLC (RB-21701) courtesy to qualifying brokers; see project broker for details. Copyright ©2024. Equal housing opportunity.

Warning: The California Department of Real Estate has not inspected, examined, or qualified this offering.

This is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of offers to buy real estate in Ward Village to residents of Connecticut, Idaho, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania or South Carolina, or to residents of any other jurisdiction where prohibited by law. No offering can be made to residents of New York until an offering plan is filed with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Ward Village is a proposed planned master development in Honolulu, Hawai‘i that does not yet exist. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Notice To New York Residents
The developer of The Launiu Ward Village and its principals are not incorporated in, located in, or resident in the state of New York. No offering is being made in or directed to any person or entity in the state of New York or to New York residents by or on behalf of the developer/offeror or anyone acting with the developer/offeror’s knowledge. No such offering, or purchase or sale of real estate by or to residents of the state of New York, shall take place until all registration and filing requirements under the Martin Act and the Attorney General’s regulations are complied with, a written exemption is obtained pursuant to an application is granted pursuant to and in accordance with Cooperative Policy Statements #1 or #7, or a “No-Action” request is granted.

Cooperating Broker Policies

The client reserves the right to register and choose their broker, as opposed to the broker registering the client. To earn a cooperating broker sales commission, a cooperating broker agrees to participate fully as purchaser’s agent and perform the duties and responsibilities customarily and traditionally performed by a real estate salesperson or broker in the state of Hawai‘i. Such duties and responsibilities include, without limitation, coordination of loan approval, processing and funding; coordination of pre-closing and closing obligations; proper delivery of required condominium documents, reports, receipts and notices; timely collection and delivery of required deposits and payments pursuant to the purchase agreement.

No cooperating broker sales commission will be paid if the buyer has executed the purchase agreement without designating a cooperating broker. The cooperating broker sales commission is only paid on closed transactions, and per the fully executed cooperating broker agreement.